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Dominique Gobert

PhD (physics)

Partner | German and European Patent Attorney

Fields of expertise

  • Engineering
  • Physics



Dominique Gobert holds a PhD in physics and is a qualified German and European Patent Attorney. Dominique has over ten years of experience in the field of IP, now mainly working in the technical fields of process and automation technology, power systems and metals engineering. Dominique helps his clients in developing and optimizing their patent portfolios (patent prosecution and portfolio analysis), as well as in invalidation and litigation proceedings. In addition, Dominique has experience as a court-appointed technical expert in patent litigation proceedings and is a tutor at the EPO Patent Academy.

Dominique studied physics in Regensburg, Montpellier (France), Urbana-Champaign (USA) and Munich while receiving the “Bavarian scholarship for highly gifted students”. He obtained his PhD from the Technical University Aachen in the field of superconducting and magnetic effects in solids, and was awarded the Borchers Medal for his thesis.