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Tim Henning Thienemann

Graduate engineer (diploma)

German and European Patent Attorney

Fields of expertise

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • IT


  • Mechatronic
  • Physics


Tim Henning Thienemann holds a diploma in mechanical engineering and is a qualified German and European Patent Attorney. At Zimmermann & Partner, Tim Henning is active in the field of mechanical engineering, mechatronics and IT, e.g. energy, transportation, drivetrain, engine, power electronics,  aerodynamics, control technology and AI.

While studying at the Technical University (TU) of Berlin, he was already busy with intellectual property in the patent department of a highly innovative SME. In a collaboration of said company with the Institute for Construction and Design Methodology at the TU Berlin – in context with his thesis –, he analyzed problem solving processes according to different design and invention methods (conventional design methods vs. TRIZ/TIPS/ARIZ) by applying such methods to specific technical problems while systematically integrating IP considerations.
Following his degree, Tim Henning was working in a patent department of a major player in the automotive industry. Becoming Head of Intellectual Property in a world-wide operating company in the field of renewable energy, he established and entrenched invention and patent management processes in the IP department he built up. Due to his experience, Tim Henning knows the situation and demands of clients from industry particularly well. He is therefore able to provide services of Zimmermann & Partner tailored to the specific needs of our clients.