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Urs Liedl

PhD (engineering)

German and European Patent Attorney

Fields of expertise

  • Technology
  • Physics



Urs Liedl holds a PhD in mechanical engineering and is a qualified German and European Patent Attorney. Urs studied mechanical and civil engineering at the Technical University of Munich, specializing in mechanics, mechatronics and metallurgy. He received the VDI/VDE award for his diploma thesis on elastic interactions of beams under harmonic load. After graduating, Urs worked as research assistant at the Institute of Materials Science and Mechanics of Materials at the Technical University of Munich. During his doctoral studies, Urs primarily focused on the mechanical behavior of metals, especially shape memory alloys used for stents and automotive steels. In addition to his engineering background, Urs also successfully passed the Preliminary Medical Examination (1st State Examination in Medicine). At Zimmermann & Partner, Urs specializes in the fields of mechanical engineering, medical technology, and control engineering. He is also an expert in international trademark and design matters.